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Portrait Painting with Scott Waddell

Portrait Painting with Scott Waddell

Scott provides you with just over 5 hours of finely produced instruction on painting portraits with oil paints. Start with a sketch and finish with a masterpiece. Learn at your pace and skill level. Become the best artist you can be with Scott Waddell. Running Time (5:03:49)

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This product is amazing! Scott's years of experience teaching in New York clearly comes through in the workshop chapter. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to become a better artist.

– James Branch

Lesson Plans



Welcome to the "Portait Painting with Scott Waddell" course. This video will explain the different types of classes in this course, what to expect and some of the features of the Alerion Art website.


Interview: Setting Up

Discover what goes into each painting, from working with models, setting up lights and working in a studio environment.


Workshop: Beginning the Drawing

All good paintings are built on a quality drawing. Scott goes into great detail about his drawing process and sets you up for success in the painting process.


Demonstration: Beginning the Drawing

Scott begins the portrait by drawing the large shapes of the face and takes time to establish proportions.


Interview: Finishing the Drawing

In this class, Scott explains how to conceptualize 3D form with lines and describes some drawing exercises that have helped him become a better artist.


Workshop: Finishing the Drawing

Scott teaches the importance of managing time and planning each drawing session. He also explains to what extent you should be rendering shadows and details.


Demonstration: Finishing the Drawing

Scott finishing the drawing and describes what it's like to imagine three-dimensional form on a two-dimensional surface.


Interview: Transfer

In this video, Scott explains how he transfers the drawing to canvas, the importance of reinforcing the drawing with umber and doing a wash.


Workshop: Transfer

In this class, Scott teaches how to transfer, what materials to use, reinforcing the drawing and doing a wash.


Interview: Underpainting

Scott describes what an underpainting is and his experience with doing underpaintings in his academic and professional careers.


Workshop: Underpainting

In this class, Scott describes the underpainting process. He starts by listing the materials we'll need to get started and describing the thought process behind the underpainting.


Demonstration: Underpainting

In this class, Scott demonstrates the underpainting and describes the materials he uses.


Workshop: Color Theory

In this workshop, Scott discusses color theory. Primarily, he breaks color down into it's fundamental parts: hue, value and chroma.


Interview: The Form Pass

In this interview, Scott explains the process of beginning the form pass.


Workshop: The Form Pass

Scott describes some exercises that you can to do improve your form painting skills. He also teaches important principles of light and their application to the form painting process.


Demonstration: Painting the Nose

Scott paints the nose in the form pass and narrates his thoughts on painting gradations along the nose.


Demonstration: Painting an Eye (Part 1)

Scott begins painting the first eye in the form pass.


Demonstration: Painting an Eye (Part 2)

Scott paints the second eye and speaks regarding his thought process.


Demonstration: Painting a Cheek

Scott paints the cheek in the form pass.


Demonstration: Painting the Forehead

Scott paints the forehead in the form pass.


Demonstration: Painting the Mouth/Chin

Scott paints the mouth and chin in the form pass.


Demonstration: Painting the Hair

Scott paints the hair and explains common mistakes when painting highlights on hair.


Interview: The Revision Pass

In this interview, Scott describes how to plan the revision pass and how to break it down into manageable steps.


Workshop: The Revision Pass

Scott gives some pointers on how to distance yourself from your painting so that you can be critical and discover what needs to be improved.


Demonstration: Beginning the Revision Pass

Scott paints the revision pass and narrates some of his thoughts while painting revisions.


Demonstration: Finishing the Revision Pass

Scott finishes the revisions on the portrait and emphasizes the importance of remaining on the form even at this last stage.

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