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Taught by a Professional Classical Painter, Scott Waddell.

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We have broken down every major step from sketch to painting so that you can have confidence in every line and brush stroke using professional oil painting techniques. We'll begin with setting up your studio so you can be comfortable and efficient. You won't need expensive lighting equipment or models. You can paint like the pros without a big budget and in any space.




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Chapter 17: Painting an Eye

This chapter gives valuable insight into the process of painting an eye in oil. The artist explains how to paint the representation of the eyebrow without painting individual hairs and how the shape of the eye informs the shape of the eyelid. He also describes in detail the pigments used to mix the color of the iris.

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This product is amazing! Scott's years of experience teaching in New York clearly comes through in the workshop chapter. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to become a better artist.