Learn to Paint Portraits in Your Own Studio with
Scott Waddell

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Step by Step Instruction

Starting from a sketch to paint on canvas, create a portrait that you can be proud of.

Studio Setup
Materials List
Transferring to Canvas
Mixing Paint
Painting Form
and much more..

Easy to Use Online Platform

Each class has it's own page with additional text guides so you can follow along and view materials at a glance. Features such as the progress tracker and autoplay will help you keep track of where you're at. Take the course at your own pace and watch on any device.

Once you buy the course, it's yours to keep. Watch it as many times as you'd like, on your schedule.

Workshop Classes

Clear instruction delivered in a step by step format will guide you through the process of drawing and painting your portrait. Each workshop class comes with an outline so you can clearly see what is covered in the video.

Tips and Tricks
Principles of Light

Demonstration Classes

Finely edited footage of Scott's canvas and palette along with moment by moment narration describes his thoughts and ideas as he approaches each challenge. You'll see how he mixes paint to match the flesh tone on the model while analyzing the effects of light. He discusses the challenge of painting eye lashes, eye brows, nose and lip forms, and much more.

Five Hours of Content

Over 5 Hours of edited video content with graphics and narration to simplify difficult concepts. Footage from two separate portraits are narrated and explained in detail. See how Scott's technique is applied in each situation and how the same principles he teaches apply to both.

Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, this course will help you improve your painting skills.
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This product is amazing! Scott's years of experience teaching in New York clearly comes through in the workshop chapter. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to become a better artist.

– James Branch

Includes 26 Individual Classes!



Welcome to the "Portait Painting with Scott Waddell" course. This video will explain the different types of classes in this course, what to expect and some of the features of the Alerion Art website.


Interview: Setting Up

Discover what goes into each painting, from working with models, setting up lights and working in a studio environment.


Workshop: Beginning the Drawing

All good paintings are built on a quality drawing. Scott goes into great detail about his drawing process and sets you up for success in the painting process.


Demonstration: Beginning the Drawing

Scott begins the portrait by drawing the large shapes of the face and takes time to establish proportions.


Interview: Finishing the Drawing

In this class, Scott explains how to conceptualize 3D form with lines and describes some drawing exercises that have helped him become a better artist.


Workshop: Finishing the Drawing

Scott teaches the importance of managing time and planning each drawing session. He also explains to what extent you should be rendering shadows and details.


Demonstration: Finishing the Drawing

Scott finishing the drawing and describes what it's like to imagine three-dimensional form on a two-dimensional surface.

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About Scott Waddell

Scott was born and raised in Central Florida. He received his BFA from Florida State University, studied at the Florence Academy of Art and the Waterstreet Atelier in NYC. In 2006 Scott moved with his wife to New England where they now reside in Rhode Island with their two kids and pets.

Scott’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and galleries including: Cavalier Galleries, Meredith Long and Co. and Joshua Liner Gallery. His work has also appeared in several publications including: American Art Collector Magazine, Drawing Magazine and Star Wars Art: Visions.